First Week Of Camp!

Our first week of camp has come and gone and while it is difficult to rate things like this, especially over the ten years of camps, this camp has to be one of our best ever, certainly in the top five! We had three return campers (not unusual) and one new eight year old rookie. There is still some question as to the newbies name, all along I thought it was Irma Jean Thudpucker, of the Bailey Colorado Thudpuckers. She insists it was Mackenzie, of the Evergreen Colorado …whatever, a fact that was never worked out to either of our satisfaction. Whatever her name was she dived right in with the older girls and made herself quite at home.She caught on to each concept quickly and by mid-week she was allowed to accompany the more experienced riders on a trail ride. We experienced another first during this camp. Our horses had previously been given their Spring shots and Rabies vaccines. Thursday it was time for their boosters. I watched all the YouTube videos  on giving shots to horses and armed myself with the four vaccines and needles. In the spirit of full disclosure I admitted to the campers I had never given horses shots before and invited them to watch. As it turns out, I still haven’t given shots to horses as Irma or Mackenzie or whatever that kids name was took the needles and administered the shots herself. Oh well I guess it still gives me something to look forward to.

The remainder of the camp was uneventful with exception of Jasmine’s (a camp regular) 13th Birthday on Thursday. Jasmine had made her own cake from scratch and shared it with the camp. It was wonderful. I set aside a piece for my wife Lezlie to enjoy when she returned from her business trip, and lo and behold* there just happened to be a second piece on the plate when she returned.  Our Friday Pony painting and Pizza party was enjoyed by everyone and our show/demonstration for parents and friends went off flawlessly. It was a great kickoff to what will surely be a great summer of horses and kids. Now I have a week off to recover and we are on to camp number two June 27th.

*Now that I think about it, I’m not even sure I know what “lo and behold” even means. I just know that my dear Grandmother Roberta Carter Lane used to say it to describe something truly amazing or special. A second piece of Jasmine’s cake suddenly appearing on a plate certainly qualifies as a “lo and behold” event in my mind. Thanks Grandma!

New Horse Astra Arrives at the Rockin Z

Through a series of transactions we added a fourth horse in March. Astra is a sorrel colored mare with a white face blaze and one white sock on her rear right foot. We think she is about twenty and well mannered and gentle. She seems to be fitting into the herd easily. She has buddied up to Valentine and he will allow her to eat with him (usually) and hangs with her when sisters Cheyenne and Dakota wander to a different area of the paddock. This could spell the end of his romance with Cheyenne!

I will try and post some pictures of her soon.

Getting Ready for Summer Horse Camps

We have been busy getting everything ready for our summer camp and clinic season. Creating a new web site, reviewing procedures and signing on helpers. It’s a busy but a fun time. Every year I swear it is the last; and by February I’m so ready to get started again. I miss the kids and working with my wonderful staff who make all of it possible. The staff is so much fun and I honestly couldn’t do it without them. Now if the snow will just stop. You can now request the camp registration and camp course description from our web site. Click here for access to the forms.

New Tractor Arrives

New Tractor arrived today. Well new to us at least.. Our previous tractor  finally “gave up the ghost” as we say back in Georgia. We found a really good deal on a kubota tractor that should fulfill our needs now and into the future. The tractor is about thirteen years old and looks brand new. It was kept in a barn and was only driven to church on Sunday by a little old farmer. Seriously it  only had 66 hours of use on it so it never really got past the breaking in period.